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Mastering Long-Distance Cost Management: A Cornerstone of Our Expertise

Since 2001, Clarus Communications has worked hard to stay on top of the latest business long distance services for our clients, not just in Austin, Texas, but across the country. We are experts at finding the best long distance rates and packages to meet the needs of our clients, based upon their long distance usage and long distance calling patterns.

Due to our objective relationships with a large array of long distance and telecommunications carriers, we can provide you with the lowest price possible on your long distance services. It is important to work with a partner who can watch out for you and ensure you are on the best rate possible.

Long Distance Bill Auditing

Securing the best long distance telephone carrier rate is one thing, but recent studies show that telecommunications invoices are largely inaccurate, and that by simply identifying these business long distance service mistakes, customers can save an average of 20%. As a partner with our clients, we can help you understand your long distance company bills, identify costly fees and even errors in billing by conducting a thorough audit of your long distance bills.

If you’re interested in spending the least amount of money for the best long distance service possible, Clarus can help. If you would like more information about Long Distance Service or any of the other telecommunications products that Clarus offers, throughout Austin, Texas, please fill out the form below and one of our telecommunications specialists will get back with you quickly.

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