Used IT Equipment

Looking for Used IT Equipment?

Clarus Communications can help!

We help companies every day unload their used IT equipment so they can use those monies for new technologies. While most IT team members have ideas of selling this equipment on the open market, they cannot seem to find the time to get it done. This is where we come in. Clarus Communications makes it easy!

Your organization boxes up the equipment, make sure you clear the hard drives, and provide an inventory to us. We do everything else. We find the buyer, provide you with a shipping label, process the order and send you a check. It is that easy!

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Used IT Equipment

We also help our clients find and procure refurbished IT Equipment. With our internal proprietary software, it is fast easy and effective to get you the refurbished equipment you are looking for across several providers at once.

Here is a brief listing of the used IT equipment we offer:

• Cisco
• Data Storage
• Dell
• Electrical Switchgear
• HP
• Motorola
• Power Generators
• Tape Cartridges
• Toshiba

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