Cloud Faxing

Could Cloud Faxing be a solution for our company?

Have you ever spent the day trying to get the fax machine to work?
Don’t get that many faxes anymore at your business but still want to provide a number?

Cloud Based Faxing might be the solution for your business!

Cloud Faxing

Cloud Faxing is a service where a cloud based provider has the fax servers located in a secure data facility.  It makes your life so much easier than ever before.

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With the advent of scanners in the business and home, the use of faxing has dramatically decreased. However in certain industries including automotive, financial and healthcare to name a few, faxing is still used widely today.  If you want something that is rock solid and ready to handle tons of faxes, then cloud faxing is probably your best bet.

Cloud Based Faxing Services include:

• Direct Inward Dial – Each person gets their own fax number
• Fax to Email Services
• VoIP Cloud Faxing Center Solutions
• Internet Faxing
• Enterprise Internet Fax
• Phone System Based Faxing

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