Appia are the leaders in the industry of the mobile user acquisition network. They have been working in the mobile industry for over thirteen years. Initially, they were working in the search and indexing field but eventually they acknowledged the scope of the mobile industry. Next they moved to the mobile content distribution such as, applications and ringtones. Later, they narrowed down their focus to the mobile advertising and app discovery. They utilized all their experience, talent and technology to develop a platform that will completely fulfill the needs of the mobile advertisers. The customers will get more app installs and the highest profit-per-install by using this platform.

Everyday, Appia has been trying to expand their advertising network to offer more facilities to their customers. Currently, they are delivering mobile app downloads to over 1 billion users across 200 countries. They also succeed in winning the trust of many popular mobile app brands; AppBrain, Fiksu, Cupid, ngmoco, Playtika and Zedge. Appia’s rapid network and their state of the art technology delivers the apps to a larger audience and maintains the quality of the apps. They also have a vast network of publishers and advertisers who are working round the clock to increase its’ product portfolio. That’s why it provides 10 times better performance over other networks.

The name “Appia” also represents the productive and the developing mentality of the management. It is named after the ancient Roman highway Via Appia. It was one of the most strategically important roads and distribution channels in ancient Rome. The management of Appia also wants to play a vital role in the economic development in the mobile industry. They want to connect different apps markets around the world at one unified platform. In short, they are trying to develop a self sufficient and sustainable mobile application ecosystem.


Recently, Appia has received a $30M increase in funding from Venrock, DCM’s A-Fund, Trident Capital, Eric Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures, Relay Ventures, the Social Internet Fund, Noro-Moseley Partners, and Wakefield Group. Appia also ranked 22 on the list of Top 50 Venture Backed Companies in 2012 by The Wall Street Journal. It was the second year in a row for Appia to make the Top 50 list in The Wall Street Journal. According to the WSJ analysts, Appia will be “The Next Big Thing”.

The headquarters of the Appia is located in the Durham, North Carolina. It has another main office in San Francisco, California. They also have many sales offices spread all over the globe. Appia is one of the fastest growing non-incentivized network. Appia has been included in the AlwaysOn Global 250 Winners. Surely, Appia has the potential to lead the mobile app industry to the new frontiers of excellence.

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