Panasonic Phone

Panasonic Phone Systems are the Number 1 Global Provider of Phone Systems under 100 extensions. This makes Panasonic Business a valuable partner for our clients. Panasonic is a great choice when it comes to allowing our clients the ability to create a hybrid system which can intermix both analog and IP Phone Sets.

Panasonic can be a cost effective solution for schools, older buildings and other enterprises who need an IP Phone system but do not have the funding for a complete infrastructure wiring upgrade.

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Panasonic Phone

Watch this quick video to learn more about Panasonic Business offering:

Panasonic Business is the choice for small and medium enterprises.

The Panasonic Business Phone systems allow for a full feature set as well as plenty of room for expansion. One of the nice features of a Panasonic Business Phone System is the ability to easily integrate your wireless needs.

Panasonic is true long-term pioneer with Phone Systems and their ability to help solve our clients problems.

Clarus Communications, a Panasonic partner dealer, will help you get a no cost – no obligation review of your service choices. Once we identify the right Panasonic Business Solution your needs, our staff of seasoned telecom professionals will ensure a smooth transition.

We have the technical partner team to design, install and maintain your Panasonic Business solution which will exceed your expectations.

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