Infrastructure as a Service

Ever heard of Infrastructure as a Service?

Are you in the business of buying IT Infrastructure?

If the answer is no, then you might consider a cloud service called Infrastructure as a Service.   It is one of many offerings from our partners which take a typical capital expenditure and make it a operating expense.   This saves your company’s precious capital for other projects.

With this product, cloud service providers offer computers or virtual computers to companies so those organizations do not have to purchase these assets but rely on the provider to supply and support them.

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Infrastructure as a Service

When working with an infrastructure service provider, your company procures the equipment on a per-user model and can then load your individual applications on their servers.

It is the responsibility of the Infrastructure service provider to keep the equipment powered up and secure in a data facility.

Infrastructure as a Service Services include:

• Colocation or Co-location
• Servers
• Hardware
• Storage
• Desktop Virtualization
• Internet

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